handwritten vs pyxlin’

Handwriting Comments

“I think that this is an interesting idea with great potential. However, to me, half of the value of journal writing is having it handwritten. Also, some feelings cannot be expressed in a typewritten record like they can be with a pen and paper. If my journals were put into a book, or online, I would feel like the personal and human side of it was lost.”

“i think this is a really great idea! i love the fact that you would be able to pull it up at anytime and see all the past entries! the only thing i would miss but i am grown up now would be to see the handwriting and how it changes but i guess it wheres out so i love this idea!”

Response: Yes for many, handwriting is a huge deal and yes I think that it looses something. I suppose you just have to weigh out the pros and cons. Handwriting vs Speed, Photos, Security, Usability, and Archive. pyxlin’ will not be for everyone.


April 11, 2007. discussions, journal research, Uncategorized.

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    […] know that this is a concern for some because it has come up before. I thought that this photo I used in our marketing presentation at BYU did a better job of answering […]

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