Sarcasm and BYU

After creating the Survey for my Managerial Economics class at BYU, we needed some way to get students to take it. Using the email system on BYU’s BlackBoard we started our email campaign to get anyone we could find to take our survey. Luckily BYU students are kind and helped out tremendously.

In our brainstorm for ideas, Mari (my awsome girlfriend) and I were trying to think of something to write in an email to her marriage prep class. We made an impetuous decision. We came up with this completely sarcastic email:


Hi Everyone,

My boyfriend is doing a VERY SHORT survey for one of
his classes at the business school. He needs as many
BYU students as possible to take it. He promised me
that if I get 300 people to take it, he will
propose; and I am really trying to apply what we
have learned in this class so far. It would be great
if you guys could help out.
(click this link to take the survey)

If it works out, I will thank you in the wedding invitation 🙂

Thanks a million,

Our devious plan worked! Loads of people from her class took the survey! I thought sarcasm was dripping off this email. Apparently, we were not sarcastic enough for our sober BYU peers. Here are ten hilarious responses that Mari got back from her marriage prep class:

“why do you want to marry a loser who will only propose if you do his homework for him?”

“doesn’t sound to stable”

“I dont know who you are but if he’s bribing you with a ring then there may be some very serious issues that you two havent discussed. i think that you should seriously look at and examine your relationship before you go doing his bidding. sincerely, concerned”

“If the only reason he’ll marry you is if you help him out with a school project, then I wouldn’t marry him. Haha, sounds like you can do better.”

“hey, yeah of course i’ll take the survey, but you should probably drop him. anyone who will only propose to you on a condition that you get him what he wants isnt worth your time! he should propose to you if he loves you and wants to be with you, not if he gets 300 surveys taken. think about what we’ve learned in class…it kinda sounds like he’s got you on a leash hun! best of luck- [name]”

“I took the survey. There’s one less person to get! Good luck!”

“I hope it all goes well! 🙂

Here is one comment from the survey:

“to the dude whos making his girlfriend do this for a ring. you are freakin whacked!”

LOL! Yes, I can agree that I am a loser and I can’t figure out why Mari is dating me. And as you have learned reading this blog, I am probably not the most stable person either. BUT the email was just a distraction to get you to take the survey! I suppose I owe an apology to those who though the joke was real. But thanks for taking the survey! You’re the best!

This survey stuff is a hoot. We need to do this more often.


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  1. Chris Burnham replied:

    On first glance, I thought your email was a spam message. Confusing text, strange subject, and a single link in the body with another link at the bottom. Once I realized that is was sent from Blackboard, I thought someone had a virus that was sending spam to everyone.

    Everything makes a little more sense now, though I have no idea what the purpose of this website is. Maybe I should take the survey.

  2. pyxlin replied:

    I am glad there are no virus’ in blackboard. I hope you like the survey and leave some feedback. We want to build pyxlin’ around your needs.

  3. Aryelle Peterson replied:

    Don’t worry- I thought your e-mail was dripping with plenty of sarcasm. I think the ones who thought the e-mail was serious are the ones who are “whaked”. I laughed after I read it, and thought they must have a fun relationship.

  4. Study Shows 38% of BYU Students really like pyxlin « pyxlin’ - journal smart replied:

    […] BYU students don’t have a sarcastic bone in their body. […]

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