journal survey at BYU

Learning the proper amount you should charge for a service or a product is difficult. On Friday we started a survey here at BYU to learn how much we should charge for pyxlin’—I know, BYU is the worst test market world-wide because you can’t duplicate the demographic anywhere in the world, but it is a start. Over 350 students have already taken the survey, but we need a lot more to get accurate results. If you have not taken it, you can do it by clicking below:

We put a nifty link at the end so that you can see the results. Here is a peak at what is happening:

  • About 75% of those surveyed so far here at BYU keep a journal.
  • 8.98% of those surveyed keep a journal daily.
  • 17.37% of those surveyed keep a journal weekly.
  • 22% of those surveyed keep a journal at least monthly.
  • The rest are less frequent but they do keep a journal.

Here are some of my favorite comments on the survey so far:

a few fun comments:

“can i have your phone number?”

“I think if I did keep a journal, then this journal would be the shiz! Someday when my wife starts making me keep a journal then I’ll jump on it with this system.”

“This is a great entrepreneurial idea! Truth be told, it’s long overdue considering the proliferative nature of web blogs and photojournals. If this proposal proves to be cheap (or even better, free in some cases), viable, and of sufficiently good quality, I’d love to learn more and participate. I’ve had a couple years experience in publication work, so this has my interest and I would like to know the plans as they develop. Thanks. ”

“That sounds like a cool idea and I’ve actually been thinking lately about how to transfer my blog into journal type form so that I can hold it, flip through it, etc.”

“If this works out that would be awesome! Honestly:) I love writing in my journal!”

“I think this service would be better suited for my parents.”

“Sound like a great idea! Congratulations on figuring a way to make journaling easier for the ones who wouldn’t otherwise do it!”

“I’m not interested in this service, mostly because I don’t feel like my journals are valuable yet for any reason. My dad, however, is in the process of having his journals published, so he’d be interested. In addition, the published journals looked more like flashy story books and not as quality as I would be interested in investing in if I were to buy this product.”

“This is a great idea. I was just thinking about this type of thing today and how good it would be to have it. I would definitely be interested in using it!”

“This sounds like a very interesting idea. I like it, and would probably use my journal much more often if it were on a computer! I would definitely pay for this service, and would publish my journal about once a year.”

“good idea, my professor, Brother Walker had shown one he did for his family, and I wondered how I could get one.”

“Fantastic Idea, especially for things like missions…Keep an electronic journal for 2 years then you can have a bound printed version of your mission experience! Wow…this really is a great idea! 🙂 ”

“Great idea. Sounds well planned, but I would try to make the money from the printing rather than online service…. I would bwe more likely to spend more money on binding if the online service was less expernsive”

“I’m not a big journal writter, but if I was It would be a cool service and I’ld be willing to pay to have the cool features that it offers.” RESPONSE: We need to make sure we put spell check and grammar check on the system.

If you didn’t get a chance to make a comment, but have one now, feel free to comment here.


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