my private journal online?

Privacy & Security: here are some more comments from the survey

“My journal is very personal, I don’t think I would like it to be available online, or to have workers that would put it together for me look through it”

“I would be concerned about the privacy. My journal isn’t something I want the whole world to have internet access to.”

“What are the chance of someone hacking into the system? It may happen!”

“I would not want an online journal, because if someone found out my password, they could break in and read my journal. I would literally rather die! Also, I think a journal is the best when authentic. Sometimes i type my entried when pressed for time, but actually writing down my entry, I believe is more valuable. Good idea about the pictures though. I would be interested in some kind of online, photo journal, with each photo put a little snip it about where it took place, or what you did, and then have it bound, in book style, now that would be cool. Interesting survey!”

Response: Privacy and security are super important. We are building into pyxlin’ a 128 MB encryption password login. We will be writing a blog post about this issue later, but that encryption is the same encryption used for online Banking.


April 11, 2007. discussions, features, journal research, Uncategorized.

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