Relaunching Turk Survey

Today we relaunched the Turk survey. Turk is a service provided by Amazon. They call it the “artificial artificial intelligence”. People from all over the world can submit and complete little tasks for pennies. We are paying people $.05 to $.10 per survey taken. It will be interesting to see if we can get accurate data from Turk. It is amazing to me that people on Turk will actually take a survey for less than a dime.

In the past two hours about 30 people have taken the survey. I was worried that all we would get from this survey is foreigners. It seems like a dime would be worth it for someone from India, but in the US it would have to be more of a hobby. Happily 80%+ have been from the US.

Real-Time Summary Report Preview

(once you scroll through all the countries it is less boring)

For all of you who are dieing to take the survey and haven’t click here to take it!

Over the next few days I will be discussing questions and comments from the Turk survey, just like you can see from the past about the BYU Student Survey. I will also be giving more peeks and updates about pyxlin. Please let us know if we can answer any of you questions.


April 20, 2007. discussions, journal research, Uncategorized.


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