Should we put John Pyxlin on Myspace?

picture-6.pngAfter creating John Pyxlin’s profile on Facebook, I started a profile for John on Myspace. About halfway through the process I noticed an ad with a girl in very little clothing that said something like, “find your true love”. The offensive ad was paid for by, a dating website. I was disgusted and logged out of Myspace.

My experience started the discussion of whether or not John Pyxlin should have a profile on MySpace. MySpace is fifth on alexa for overall traffic on the web. Here is a link comparing Facebook to Myspace for traffic. MySpace is a link to millions of consumers world-wide. If this was just about traffic I think we would not hesitate to have John Pyxlin create a profile there.

The main difference between Myspace and Facebook is that Facebook is clean. Unlike Myspace, you do not have to fear stumbling onto sensual content when you are using Facebook.

Any honest person who has used or uses Myspace knows that from the advertising to the lack of content control Myspace is plagued with inappropriate content. A user doesn’t have to search out this content, it is commonly put right on the home page.

myspace & pornography

Two weeks ago, Mari and I went to see a documentary on pornography called “Traffic Control“. The purpose of this film is to help the public understand how the porn industry is targeting minors and what we can do to stop them. It is an excellent documentary. I purchased a copy of it.

In the film they interviewed teens from all over the country. Interestingly enough, the teens said that Myspace was the most common source of porn for people their age. The documentary claims that the porn industry has targeted Myspace and now uses it to market to the teenage crowd. Terrifying, considering that millions upon millions of minors are actively using Myspace. I have also talked to several Myspace users, each one said that they get regular “porn spam” friend requests.

Whether or not myspace is propagating pornography, they are certainly not making it hard for, or stopping, the porn industry from promoting it on myspace servers. There is no doubt that addictive salacious content has helped fuel the rise of Myspace.

So, do we allow John Pyxlin to create a profile on Myspace? Do we turn our heads to the fact that Myspace is becoming a representation of everything that FamilyLearn is not? Or do we stand our ground and hold to our principles of family?

Today I had John Pyxlin’s profile removed from Myspace. FamilyLearn will not put John Pyxlin on Myspace.

So what do you think? We would love to hear your feedback.


April 21, 2007. discussions, Uncategorized.

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