What does your personal journal look like?

We have had some great comments in the Turk survey. Here are some interesting ones on handwritten journals:

“I consider my written personal journal a completely different animal than my blog. What makes my written journal unique is the fact that it’s handwritten and unproofed, which makes it most personal to me. I would never want it to be electronic, it would lose the qualities that make it special. “

I know that this is a concern for some because it has come up before. Here is my best answer:

I thought that this photo I used in our marketing presentation at BYU did a better job of answering this comment than anything. You can see Ben and myself in a car on the way home from California, we were driving about 80 mph. It is comparing Ben’s pyxlin journal with Ben’s old handwritten journal.

Here are some other comments from the survey:

“I think this is a really cool idea and love that the journals can be bound with text and photos!!! ”

“Was very interesting and fun to take.”

“This sounds like a great idea.”

“Sorry, just not a blogger or a journal writer.”

“Very good survey, simple to take.” (thank you)

“Neat idea but I have never really had a journal. Requires too much commitment. I can imagine it would be a nice gift for someone.”

“interesting service if this ever comes into fruition”

“I think this is a good service but I dont really keep a journal or write any blogs. I can definately see value in the service and I think its a great idea. The question of course is how much people would be willing to pay.”

“This is a great idea – but I don’t think you can charge all the services in one bundle. Some people wouldn’t want to publish, others would probably want to publish quite frequently. Maybe a two-tier cost system for those who do and don’t want to publish? Awesome idea, though… “

We love your comments. I have saved a few that talk about: the system being FREE, keeping your journals on your PC or Mac, and those who think pyxlin is just a blog. Stay tuned.

If you have any ideas to help us out, we would love to hear them.


April 22, 2007. discussions, features, Uncategorized.

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