Study Shows 38% of BYU Students really like pyxlin

Two weeks ago, we did a random survey of 575 (our stats class says that anything over 480 in any demographic is indisputable) BYU students for pyxlin. We learned three things:

  1. BYU student are regular journalers – Out of the 575 students, over 40% of them write in a personal journal at least once a month. Over 20% at least every week. The interest was phenomenal. We were surprised at how many people loved the pyxlin idea.
  2. BYU students don’t have a sarcastic bone in their body.
  3. BYU students LOVE pyxlin – 38% of those surveyed at BYU left their personal email address requesting to be contacted when pyxlin is released. That is unbelievable! Neal (President of FamilyLearn) explained that this is how you know that someone is really interested. Most people don’t just pass out their email address to strangers. We can safetly assume that 38% of those surveyed are VERY interested in a pyxlin journal.

BYU Journaling Survey:

Click here to take the survey

Real-Time Summary Report Preview


April 23, 2007. discussions, journal research, Uncategorized.

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  1. Why I Switched from Handwritten to an Online Personal Journal : Neal Harmon replied:

    […] not alone. As Jeffrey conducted a survey for pyxlin with almost 600 students at BYU and folks over at Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, we discovered that 48 percent of these folks […]

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