Can I publish “non-journal” books?

Publishing your journal into a hardbound book is a great idea. Naturally, many of you have immediately thought, “I could do all kinds of things other than journals with this!” Here are a few comments from that Turk survey so far about this:

“Have you considered marketing this as something that could be handed down to children or as something to catalog specific life events (i.e. pregnancy, wedding planning, etc)?”

“I would use this service only on specific occasions, to record those events. Examples: specials trips/vacations, weddings and surrounding events, other big family events, etc.”

“This service would be good for other self-publishing purposes: Family recipe books, Writing down family oral traditions , travelogues, photojounals, personalized guest books…”

“You should reverse your questions because all the interesting questions are at the end. By the way, this is like a personal publishing site. I would not be very likely to journal online (i would just use my mac). But I might be interested in publishing little private books for christmas presents that have photos and other text. So although I *said* I would only use the service it were free, I might have answered differently if your questions had been asked in a different order. Ask for demographics last for heavens sake…. Good luck. Might turn into something cool.”

“I almost feel that I’d be more likely to use this service to see some of my work published- stories and poems that haven’t made their way into literary journals but that I still would like to see in print, even if it is just for me.”

“interesting concept. might be interesting if presented it as a special events type service/book, such as an alternative to yearbooks, where multiple individuals can contribute.

There is no reason why pyxlin couldn’t be used for these personal-publishing purposes. But you would probably be better using iMemoryBook BETA (soon to be

MemoryPress is literally the world’s first online typesetting system. There is nothing to download because it is completely online. MemoryPress is collaborative (kind of like Google Docs mixed with Adobe InDesign) letting you get together with your family online to publish your own family library.

Just like pyxlin, MemoryPress will also have a blog import for family history blogs and such.

In March we created a wedding memory book for my younger sister using iMemoryBook BETA. She wrote her story of how they met and how they got engaged, then she got her future husband to write his story. Then we invited all of his family in and our family to come and write memories, add photos, and give marriage advice for the wedding. Everyone was able to read, and add to the book online, before the book was published. The wedding book is beautiful.

MemoryPress is still being developed, which means it is FREE to use right now. It will also give you a kind of preview for pyxlin (both systems will be using the same core typesetting system). Let us know what you think. Thanks for all the comments! Keep them coming.


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