Professional is Boring

Here is the Turk comment of the day, this one made me laugh:

“good survey except question was not professional where an option was something like not a chance in #$%^ or something like that. That would never be an option on a professional survey. Other than that it was well done”

I am flattered that you think our survey even remotely resembles professionalism. Thank you. It was written by a couple of us business students at BYU.

When I got to this question, I was bored. I knew that if I was only getting paid a nickel to take this survey I would feel like cussing at this point. I thought I would throw in something to spice it up—even give you a chance to let out your frustration.

In my class, I learned that a “likert scale” question on a professional survey would have been worded something like this:

If you do keep a blog?, would you be interested in automatically importing and printing your blog (personal journal) into a hardbound journal with photos?

  • = strongly disagree
  • = disagree
  • = neither agree nor disagree
  • = agree
  • = strongly agree

I could be wrong, but I thought this was much more entertaining:

If you do keep a blog?, would you be interested in automatically importing and printing your blog (personal journal) into a hardbound journal with photos? *

  • I don’t keep a blog
  • I would for sure!
  • likely
  • maybe
  • maybe not
  • not likely
  • Not a chance in *%$^#@!

I personally don’t really swear. On the way home from church, one of my roommates (who also took the survey) pointed out to me that no cuss words fit into “*%$^#@!”. Most swear words are just 4 letters. Who would have thought? But, it made for an educational conversation about swear words on the way home from church 🙂

Here are some other comments on the quality of our survey:

Very good survey, simple to take.

Thanks for the survey opportunity.

Beautifully designed!

The survey was excellent.

It’s “I couldn’t care less,” not “I could care less.” (We fixed this, thanks!)

Maybe a brief paragraph at the beginning could bring some perspective over the entire survey. At the beginning, I didn’t think of journaling and blogging as so closely related, but towards the end I started to see value in keeping a hard-copy of a personal blog.

The casual answers to questions (like, “I could not care less”) seemed unprofessional. (My response: I could not care less)


This has been a very easy to use survey system. Thank you.

Pretty good survey!

very nicely put together, plus it loads rather quickly as compared to other mturks

this is a very good survey, keep surveying people! XD

pretty decent survey

Thank you for providing many options, especially differentiating “would not use” vs “i would use, but only if it was free” when asking how much we would pay. It is frustrating as a survey taker to not be able to answer a question accurately.ok survey

thanks 🙂

Glad to here you like our survey! We are mostly happy to see the incredible response we have received about pyxlin. Thanks!


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