turk survey, getting noticed.

Today I noticed a small stream of visitors coming from Turker Nation.  There is a thread (conversation) posted about the turk survey we have been running.

One of our turk friends (a “Young Turker”) said that he/she felt a little “foolish” giving us all that data so cheaply.

Another turk friend, I assume older, “Grizzled Turker” responded:

Why should it have cost him plenty? People “give away” their e-mail addresses and opinions all the time. 

I think it’s great that he found an innovative use for Mturk and I’m sure the survey data he gained will help. After the dust settles, though, I hope he steps back and puts what he has in perspective. He has 2,300 surveys from the Mturk community. There is nothing that would indicate that these results would represent those of the general public or any other user group.

Marketing 101: know your target audience.

We understand that Turk users are just ONE demographic. We are a startup and have very limited funds. As time moves on we will add more depth to our research, but this Turk survey is more data than most startups begin with. We will do more in depth research as our resources grow.

Thanks Turkers for all the advice and help! We are grateful.


June 19, 2007. discussions, journal research, Uncategorized.

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