Pyxlin to use OpenID

picture-10.pngHow many usernames and passwords do you juggle? With OpenID you keep it to just one!

OpenID is a new optional way to sign into pyxlin.

Have you ever felt sick of trying to remember usernames and passwords for all the websites you frequent?

OpenID is a great way to have only one username and password while visiting tons of cool websites (none quite as cool as ours, of course).

Why I want OpenID:

My friends think I have turned into an Internet Geek. It’s true, I love the Internet. But I have one major problem with the Internet. It requires too many dang IDs and Passwords! I believe this is the single greatest barrier for online applications to grow.

On the web I regularly use accounts on Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, MSN or Live, Ask, AnswerBag, Wikipedia, MemoryPress, Facebook, Joost, Skype, Ebay, LinkedIn, Zoho, QuestionPro, YouTube, Digg, Reddit, PayPal, My Bank, My Blog, Pyxlin’, Brigham Young University, Apple … sigh … these are just the places I visit regularly, I couldn’t even count ALL the places I have ever created an account with.

How is anyone supposed to keep all those usernames and passwords straight, but still keep them unique enough to keep their identity from being compromised? EASY! OpenID!

OpenID to be used by Firefox, AOL, and Microsoft:

You don’t have to use OpenID but if you want to you can. Here is a blip about OpenID from Wikipedia:

“OpenID is increasingly gaining adoption among large sites, with organizations like AOL acting as a provider. In addition, integrated OpenID support has been made a high priority in Firefox 3[1] and Microsoft is working on implementing OpenID 2.0 in Windows Vista.


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