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Cheryl recently commented about pyxlin on Blooking Central. She posed this question:

Since pyxlin makes a very big deal about keeping private journals private AND they want you to start and end with pyxlin, they charge you for it. It’s only $30 a year [It is actually $20], but still … why would you?

I also responded to this comment about an ad based system in an earlier journal entry:

“…Rather than a monthly fee, some ad content may be acceptable as a way to generate revenue. If I live for 80 years, an annual fee over that timeframe is a big commitment, so less likely to commit to it.”

I suppose that if pyxlin were a blog this would make a great deal of sence. But pyxlin is nothing like a blog.

Personal journals or diaries contain the MOST personal information that any of us have. BBC just reported that proper ad based systems, like Google’s, are not so private at all.

There is the possibility that pyxlin could be more profitable if it would let spiders comb through your journal and then sell it for advertising purposes. But we care most about your security. Security is part of why pyxlin is has OpenID.

We are going to be offering you a very secure, encrypted, option that will not include ads. We want you to know that your journal is yours.

After a lot of privacy and security concerns we added this question to our survey:

What kind of security would you need to feel comfortable keeping your private journal online?

Here is the response (note: of the 1200+ people surveyed over 65% of them are bloggers!):


So our answer is easy. We must make pyxlin secure.


July 16, 2007. discussions, features, journal research, Uncategorized.

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