How pyxlin’ happened

Benton Crane is part of team pyxlin’. This is an actual entry from his personal journal:

How pyxlin’ happened

Jan. 4, 2006

It’s funny how sometimes things come together in unexpected ways and send you down a course you never expected. pyxlin’ was one of those things.Benton's First Journal

Over the course of a few months I watched my cousins Neal and Jeff develop iMemorybook as a new branch of FamilyLearn. They compiled several memory books for a bunch of different people. Everything was compiled and stored on the internet. I was amazed at the speed and efficiency of the whole process. Books with hundreds of pages of memories and photos were being completed in just over a month.

At about the same time, I was carrying my personal journal with me all over campus so that when I found a little time here or there, I could write about some of the events in my life. It wasn’t working well. It seemed that every time I had a few minutes, I had either left my journal in my car or my locker.

Jeff and I were talking one evening about the future of the internet. Jeff mentioned that one day the internet would be so far reaching that it would even include the journals of the world. As I pondered that statement, it clicked! If memory books for others can be made on the internet, why not a personal memory book? Jeff and I both decided to give it a shot.

We started keeping journals on the iMemoryBook system. It worked so well! We both started showing our own journals to others. The response was almost always the same: “How can I get one of those?” We quickly realized the need for private on-line journaling.

I joined the FamilyLearn team and we all went to work. The result: pyxlin’.

If you have a question about pyxlin’ or just a good suggestion please send us an email:


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